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Things to do in Gwynedd

The North Wales Llyn Peninsula has plenty to offer everyone - from the relaxing to more strenuous activities. The area still remains relatively unspoilt and much is as it was (preserved) at the turn of the 19th century.

Locally, in and around Morfa Bychan/Porthmadog, whether you are in to sport, outdoor activities, relaxation or sightseeing there are a wide range of activities to satisfy. On this page we will point you in the right direction so you may explore for yourself just what the area has to offer!


  • Climbing
  • Bouldering
  • Sailing
  • Fishing
  • Hill & Coastal Walking
  • Jet Skiing
  • Wind Surfing
  • kayaking
  • Quadbiking, Pony Trekking etc
  • Golf
  • Pot Holing


  • Castles
  • Slate Mines/Caverns
  • Scenery
  • Craft Centers
  • Fantastic Beaches
  • Potteries
  • Architecture
  • Small gauge steam railways
  • Llanberris & Snowdon Railways
  • Electric Mountain, Llanberis

Local Sport & Activities (within 2 miles)

Golf: The best known sport in Morfa Bychan is golf. Cerrig Cornel looks onto the course with just a short walk to the club house and pro shop. Visit their web site for more details → Morfa Bychan Golf Club web Site

Sea fishing is available just 2 miles away!
Species of fish: Bass, Garfish, Mackeral, Flatfish are all catchable from the beach (in season) if you know where to go!
Where to fish: Your best bet is off the bar which is on your left by the rocks looking towards Porthmadog. Please be very careful when venturing down the bar at low tides - The sea can fill a gully which will cut you off. Visit the local angling shop on porthmadog high street for tide times.
Baits to use: Spinner works well for Gar, Mackeral & the occasional school Bass - Ragworm is best for flatfish while peeler crab is a must for big Bass.
Trout Fishing is available also just 2 miles away!
Walk or drive through the village towards the beach - Do not turn off at the first sign for the beach (Traeth) - As you leave the village there is a trout fishery on your right. You may use bait or fly for the rainbow trout that are stocked. Weights range from 2lb up to 15lb.

The Language

We've heard the following statement many times over the years "As soon as I walked into the shop - everyone stared & started talking Welsh" This is an outdated & over used statement - It is also very wrong.
  • North Wales is THE Welsh Wales, here nearly everyone speaks the language in everyday life -
  • Welsh is the first language in schools & all official documents are available bilingually -
  • New developments always include studies into their impact on the Welsh language
When visiting, it is best to consider yourself as you would if traveling to Europe - Here we speak a different language just as they do - However, in Wales we have one major advantage - We all speak English!


Porthmadog is a bustling town, full of individual shops and places to eat. It has with a strong and proud heritage, culture and community. The Welsh language is a key part of its identity, commonly spoken here and its people are particularly warm and friendly.

Portmeirion is an Italianate resort village Portmeirion has served as a location for films and television shows, most famously serving as the Village in The Prisoner.

Spectacularly sited Harlech Castle seems to grow naturally from the rock on which it is perched. Like an all seeing sentinel, it gazes out across land and sea, keeping a watchful eye over Snowdonia.
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